HP History Day

What is National History Day?

National History Day, or NHD for short, is an organization that encourages students across the nation to research historical topics that interest them. Founded in 1974, NHD has motivated millions of students to pursue their passion for history by creating projects that display their knowledge of past events. Each student who participates in National History Day submits his/her project at the local level and competes to advance to the state level, and, hopefully, all the way to the national competition. As the leaders of the Highland Park History Day Club, we are here to encourage and help facilitate HP students' participation in National History Day. If interested, you can contact us with questions about how to join the club, register for NHD, or get started on a project!

The Club

The Highland Park History Day Club is a community for students interested in participating in NHD. A few years ago, creating a project for National History Day was a required assignment for TAG Geography students. At that time, the club was meant to advise those students during their progression toward a final product. We are here to do the same, but not for a class assignment - the club now promotes NHD as a purely extra-curricular activity. We meet on a regular basis during the school year to encourage members to make steady progress on their projects.

Why Join the HP History Day Club?

  1. You will learn how to do in-depth research and prepare annotated bibliographies.

  2. You will be able to expand your historical interests and learning beyond the classroom.

  3. You will be able to showcase your skills in writing, filmmaking, exhibit creation, website creation, and/or performance. You pick your category.

  4. You will get to practice and improve upon public speaking skills.

  5. You will be able to foster relationships with HP history teachers who volunteer their time to give feedback on projects.

  6. You will have opportunities for recognition at the regional, state, and possibly national level. Beyond medaling, you can win special category awards at both state and national competitions.

For more information regarding National History Day, feel free to contact the club officers or visit the official NHD website.