The National History Day competition is divided into five different categories: documentary, exhibit, paper, performance, and website. For all of these options, there is a further division between individual and group entries (except for the paper, which can only be done individually). For each project category there are specific guidelines and rules on presentation, but there are some requirements which every entry must fulfill, such as an annotated bibliography and process paper (again with the exception of writing a paper, you do not need a process paper). For more information about each contest category, click on the links below to reach its page.

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Which Category Should I Choose?

The most important thing to consider when choosing what medium you want for your project is what you are interested in. If you want to play a character, maybe you should work on a performance. If you want to stay behind the scenes, you could create a website or write a paper. Whatever you choose to do, be mindful of what each category allows you to communicate to your audience of judges. Make sure that you don't choose a category that constrains your ability to convey what you want to. It would be difficult to edit footage for a documentary about ancient Greece when it doesn't exist.

If you are thinking about making a documentary, but you are not confident in your editing skills, come to us for help. If you are considering writing a performance, but you have stage fright or don't want to do it alone, come to us for help. Whatever hesitation you have, don't be afraid to ask - we have experienced the same uncertainty and have also dipped our toes beyond our comfort zones in order to make the best versions of our visions. We know you can too.

For more information regarding National History Day, feel free to contact the club officers or visit the official NHD website.