If you enjoy audiovisual work, this category might be the right choice for you. No less an artistic endeavor than a performance or exhibit, this medium is unique in its ability to harness and capture images of real history and present those images to your audience. See for award-winning documentary examples.

Rules for Documentary Entries

  1. Your documentary cannot exceed ten minutes in length.

  2. You have five minutes to set up your equipment for your presentation.

  3. You have five minutes to take down your equipment after your documentary has concluded and to be interviewed by your judges.

For the full list of rules and regulations for documentary entries, visit page 27 of the official NHD Rule Book.

Documentary Entry Examples

Link to 2020 1st Place Winner, Senior Group Documentary-
Breaking the Curfew: The Story of Minoru Yasui

Conflict and Compromise on the Frozen Frontier

Josh Martin, 2018

Distinguished Achievement, State competition

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