For all of you Thespians out there, you may particularly enjoy the performance category. This medium allows students to truly embody the image and mannerisms of the historical figures that fascinate them. With a unique blend of written and visual artistry within the script and the performance itself, this category requires that you put forth your greatest effort to materialize your interpretation of historical events. Just make sure not to sacrifice historical information for dramatic effect!

Rules for Performance Entries

  1. The performance cannot exceed 10 minutes in length.

  2. You will have five minutes to set up your presentation

  3. You will have five minutes to remove your props after your performance concludes and to be interviewed by your judges.

For the full list of rules and regulations for performance entries, visit page 25 of the official NHD Rule Book.

Performance Entry Examples

A Blessing or a Curse? The Triump and Tragedy of Thalidomide

3rd Place Senior Individual Performance, National Competition

King Henry VIII's Greatest Heir: Religious Freedom in America

Ilie Sturhan and Josh Martin, 2020

1st Place Group Performance, State Competition

National Competitor

For more information regarding National History Day, feel free to contact the club officers or visit the official NHD website.